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Amy Walker


POSITION: Senior Pastor, Connect Church Paisley and Kyria Chair


Amy heads up Kyria Network with its mission to challenge, empower and release women into there spheres of influence.

Amy Walker is a leader, pioneer and evangelist. Derbyshire born, Amy has served God in full time ministry positions since she was 18, and has constantly been given opportunities to pioneer in new situations, as well as to rise up new leaders within her sphere of influence.

Having handed over the directorship of a growing leadership and evangelism organization called Pulse Children’s and Youth Ministries, ( Amy is now senior pastor of Connect Church, a lively and growing church in Scotland, and a regular conference speaker for women and leadership conferences.

Amy sits on several boards and is on the council of reference for The Bridge, which is a fantastic online resource which enables the discipleship of young people

“I’m part of Kyria because I’m passionate about making space for woman to be challenged, empowered and released into there full potential in Christ. Kyria is a joy and privilege to be part of as we champion woman in leadership and those emerging into leadership. its now and needed as we continue to advance forwards to see God’s Kingdom come through faithful people of all generations and genders.” ~ Amy Walker