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Bev Murrill

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POSITION: Speaker - Author - Mentor 

Kyria represents tremendous possibilities and potential for women leaders in every sphere. God is opening the doors and windows to release women into every role He has gifted us for and called us to. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else… Kyria has been birthed for such a time as this. I’m in!

An insightful and empowering prophetic preacher, Bev’s call is to encourage and challenge leaders and churches  to push into the purposes of God. After more than 30 years of ministry as a senior church pastor and founder and director of a network of churches, Bev’s focus is on raising up this new generation of leaders. Her own leadership gifting, combined with her ministry experience and a masters degree in leadership, make her a sought after speaker at international conferences and leadership events. She is a mentor to many leaders, and blogs on issues to do with leadership at Her books, Speak Life and Shut the Hell Up, and Catalysts:You Can Be God’s Agent for Change are both in demand and she is regularly invited to write for magazines and other bloggers on topics related to leadership.

Bev’s entrepreneurial gifting means that she has pioneered many powerful ministries, including Liberti, a magazine for Christian women; Cherish Uganda, a village for abandoned children who are HIV+. The village now has over 200 children in the school and has just opened a clinic for the health needs of the surrounding region. She is also the visionary founder for the Kyria network and believes that as women take their place as leaders in church, business and every sector of society, communities will be powerfully benefited.